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Flight Log

[10:57:33utc] You have successfully logged in Florian Polycarpe.
[10:58:42utc] Your flight to LFPG in a Airbus A320-214 JOON has now been started.
[10:58:43utc] Aircraft boarding In progress
[11:03:11utc] Starting Engines
[11:05:29utc] FLAPS 1
[11:05:29utc] FLAPS 2
[11:06:10utc] Departing LEBL, IAS 0kt, G - Force 1g, pitch 0.74deg, bank 0deg, VS 0fpm, HDG 156deg
[11:06:13utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[11:15:03utc] Landing lights ON
[11:15:57utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[11:16:20utc] Gear UP, IAS 176kt, GS 173kt, ALT 120ft
[11:16:43utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 196kt, GS 194kt, VS 3949fpm, ALT 1540ft, PITCH -16.27deg, HDG 227deg, TAT 15deg, WIND 309/5kt
[11:16:55utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 202kt
[11:17:12utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 207kt
[11:17:12utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 207kt, ALT 3510ft
[11:19:05utc] Landing lights OFF, ALT 10220ft
[11:30:21utc] Aircraft level at 34020ft, IAS 279kt, GS 503kt, HDG 353deg, TAT -12deg, WIND 182/35kt
[11:31:58utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 33930ft, IAS 277kt, GS 496kt, HDG 351deg, VS -285fpm, TAT -11deg, WIND 206/35kt
[11:32:32utc] Aircraft level at 33870ft, IAS 273kt, GS 492kt, HDG 352deg, TAT -11deg, WIND 196/35kt
[11:33:16utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 33880ft, IAS 278kt, GS 492kt, HDG 350deg, VS -156fpm, TAT -10deg, WIND 219/35kt
[11:33:44utc] Aircraft level at 33840ft, IAS 276kt, GS 488kt, HDG 350deg, TAT -10deg, WIND 221/35kt
[11:39:46utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 285kt, GS 490kt, VS 529fpm, ALT 34050ft, PITCH -3deg, HDG 357deg, TAT -12deg, WIND 113/34kt
[11:40:16utc] Aircraft level at 34130ft, IAS 280kt, GS 482kt, HDG 358deg, TAT -13deg, WIND 110/34kt
[11:41:07utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34090ft, IAS 266kt, GS 476kt, HDG 358deg, VS -185fpm, TAT -15deg, WIND 138/34kt
[11:41:29utc] Aircraft level at 34060ft, IAS 269kt, GS 478kt, HDG 358deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 136/34kt
[11:42:27utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 278kt, GS 480kt, VS 106fpm, ALT 34100ft, PITCH -2.69deg, HDG 359deg, TAT -13deg, WIND 114/33kt
[11:42:49utc] Aircraft level at 34120ft, IAS 278kt, GS 478kt, HDG 359deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 111/33kt
[11:43:46utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 281kt, GS 474kt, VS 213fpm, ALT 34150ft, PITCH -2.73deg, HDG 000deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 97/33kt
[11:44:03utc] Aircraft level at 34170ft, IAS 280kt, GS 472kt, HDG 000deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 95/33kt
[11:44:27utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34140ft, IAS 271kt, GS 468kt, HDG 359deg, VS -104fpm, TAT -15deg, WIND 111/33kt
[11:44:47utc] Aircraft level at 34120ft, IAS 271kt, GS 468kt, HDG 359deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 113/33kt
[11:45:07utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 289kt, GS 467kt, VS 353fpm, ALT 34180ft, PITCH -2.84deg, HDG 359deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 65/32kt
[11:45:44utc] Aircraft level at 34250ft, IAS 281kt, GS 453kt, HDG 359deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 60/32kt
[11:46:31utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 280kt, GS 449kt, VS 148fpm, ALT 34280ft, PITCH -2.66deg, HDG 351deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 45/32kt
[11:46:45utc] Aircraft level at 34290ft, IAS 278kt, GS 447kt, HDG 349deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 46/32kt
[11:49:31utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34260ft, IAS 267kt, GS 439kt, HDG 348deg, VS -152fpm, TAT -18deg, WIND 61/32kt
[11:49:48utc] Aircraft level at 34240ft, IAS 270kt, GS 443kt, HDG 348deg, TAT -17deg, WIND 61/32kt
[11:50:09utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 280kt, GS 445kt, VS 228fpm, ALT 34290ft, PITCH -2.75deg, HDG 347deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 35/32kt
[11:50:24utc] Aircraft level at 34310ft, IAS 279kt, GS 443kt, HDG 347deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 35/32kt
[11:50:59utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34210ft, IAS 242kt, GS 449kt, HDG 344deg, VS -719fpm, TAT -18deg, WIND 167/34kt
[11:52:00utc] Aircraft level at 33870ft, IAS 269kt, GS 480kt, HDG 333deg, TAT -13deg, WIND 193/36kt
[11:52:19utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 33830ft, IAS 281kt, GS 482kt, HDG 329deg, VS -255fpm, TAT -9deg, WIND 225/37kt
[11:52:52utc] Aircraft level at 33760ft, IAS 280kt, GS 478kt, HDG 327deg, TAT -9deg, WIND 228/37kt
[11:53:56utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 264kt, GS 472kt, VS 343fpm, ALT 33800ft, PITCH -3.23deg, HDG 328deg, TAT -13deg, WIND 193/36kt
[11:54:41utc] Aircraft level at 33890ft, IAS 274kt, GS 486kt, HDG 328deg, TAT -12deg, WIND 193/36kt
[11:54:55utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 270kt, GS 488kt, VS 372fpm, ALT 33940ft, PITCH -3.13deg, HDG 332deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 144/35kt
[11:56:00utc] Aircraft level at 34220ft, IAS 282kt, GS 478kt, HDG 336deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 78/34kt
[11:56:11utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34190ft, IAS 276kt, GS 478kt, HDG 335deg, VS -178fpm, TAT -15deg, WIND 91/34kt
[11:56:31utc] Aircraft level at 34160ft, IAS 276kt, GS 478kt, HDG 335deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 92/34kt
[11:56:55utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 290kt, GS 474kt, VS 339fpm, ALT 34220ft, PITCH -2.89deg, HDG 337deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 55/33kt
[11:57:35utc] Aircraft level at 34280ft, IAS 288kt, GS 457kt, HDG 351deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 39/33kt
[11:57:43utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 286kt, GS 453kt, VS 152fpm, ALT 34320ft, PITCH -2.59deg, HDG 352deg, TAT -15deg, WIND 39/33kt
[11:57:59utc] Aircraft level at 34330ft, IAS 284kt, GS 449kt, HDG 353deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 37/33kt
[11:59:48utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34250ft, IAS 265kt, GS 441kt, HDG 356deg, VS -312fpm, TAT -17deg, WIND 78/34kt
[12:00:10utc] Aircraft level at 34220ft, IAS 269kt, GS 447kt, HDG 356deg, TAT -17deg, WIND 77/34kt
[12:00:31utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 277kt, GS 449kt, VS 129fpm, ALT 34240ft, PITCH -2.68deg, HDG 355deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 60/33kt
[12:00:52utc] Aircraft level at 34270ft, IAS 277kt, GS 449kt, HDG 355deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 59/33kt
[12:02:41utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 280kt, GS 445kt, VS 139fpm, ALT 34330ft, PITCH -2.62deg, HDG 354deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 42/33kt
[12:03:15utc] Aircraft level at 34370ft, IAS 280kt, GS 441kt, HDG 354deg, TAT -16deg, WIND 34/33kt
[12:05:40utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34400ft, IAS 271kt, GS 430kt, HDG 016deg, VS -106fpm, TAT -18deg, WIND 61/33kt
[12:05:58utc] Aircraft level at 34380ft, IAS 272kt, GS 433kt, HDG 016deg, TAT -17deg, WIND 61/33kt
[12:09:36utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 34210ft, IAS 269kt, GS 467kt, HDG 345deg, VS -2127fpm, TAT -19deg, WIND 223/33kt
[12:27:23utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 10290ft
[12:28:56utc] Aircraft level at 9140ft, IAS 252kt, GS 282kt, HDG 037deg, TAT 18deg, WIND 108/18kt
[12:29:18utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 259kt, GS 274kt, VS 519fpm, ALT 9230ft, PITCH -3.78deg, HDG 036deg, TAT 14deg, WIND 70/22kt
[12:30:12utc] Aircraft level at 9360ft, IAS 254kt, GS 266kt, HDG 042deg, TAT 12deg, WIND 65/23kt
[12:30:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 9260ft, IAS 258kt, GS 268kt, HDG 046deg, VS -978fpm, TAT 12deg, WIND 63/23kt
[12:36:26utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 211kt
[12:36:26utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 211kt
[12:36:26utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 211kt, ALT 4730ft
[12:36:26utc] Aircraft level at 4730ft, IAS 211kt, GS 206kt, HDG 085deg, TAT 15deg, WIND 75/18kt
[12:36:46utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4660ft, IAS 188kt, GS 181kt, HDG 085deg, VS -793fpm, TAT 14deg, WIND 75/18kt
[12:38:34utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 179kt, GS 173kt, ALT 3050ft
[12:38:51utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 163kt
[12:38:53utc] FLAPS 4, IAS 159kt
[12:39:08utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 146kt
[12:41:01utc] Aircraft On final approach, IAS 140, VS -678fpm, ALT 1290ft, pitch -1.65deg, HDG 082deg
[12:42:21utc] Landed at destination LFPG With a landing rate Of -9fpm, TouchDown speed 129kt, G - Force 1.23g, pitch -4.43deg, bank 0.15deg
[12:42:36utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[12:43:22utc] FLAPS 4
[12:43:24utc] FLAPS 2
[12:43:24utc] FLAPS 1
[12:43:24utc] FLAPS UP
[12:43:32utc] Landing lights OFF
[12:43:38utc] Aircraft taxiing To gate
[12:54:11utc] Aircraft at gate/stand, ground services are moving into position, disembarkation has begun
[12:55:00utc] Engine shutdown
[12:55:25utc] Your flight to LFPG is now complete! Duration: 01:56:42 Distance: 463.5nm
[12:55:25utc] Your landing rate was -9fpm and had a flight performance score of 49%

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