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ATRE1K ATREX UT225 VESAN UL613 SOVAT UL613 MOGLI UL613 TLA UN601 STN UN610 BILLY UN610 BARKU UN610 RATSU 65N020W 67N030W 68N040W 68N050W 68N060W CANEL 6730N07000W 66N080W 63N090W YYL J539 POLLE YYN 4900N10830W LWT TCH DTA WINEN Q73 HAKMN ANJLL1
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Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -114fpm)

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Flight Log

[03:18:03utc] You have successfully logged in Holimamy RALAMBOMANANA.
[03:18:38utc] Your flight to KLAX in a Commercial Level Simulations - Airbus - 340-300 has now been started.
[03:18:42utc] Aircraft boarding In progress
[03:19:26utc] FLAPS 1
[03:19:26utc] FLAPS 2
[03:20:26utc] Departing LFPG, IAS 0kt, G - Force 1g, pitch 0.81deg, bank 0.01deg, VS 0fpm, HDG 318deg
[03:20:31utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[03:23:24utc] Landing lights ON
[03:24:47utc] Gear UP, IAS 188kt, GS 165kt, ALT 540ft
[03:25:14utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 194kt, GS 171kt, VS 2369fpm, ALT 1760ft, PITCH -14.44deg, HDG 082deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 87/21kt
[03:26:24utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 202kt
[03:26:40utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 207kt
[03:28:12utc] Landing lights OFF, ALT 10150ft
[03:39:40utc] Aircraft level at 31710ft, IAS 286kt, GS 424kt, HDG 306deg, TAT -24deg, WIND 243/60kt
[04:54:46utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 305kt, GS 505kt, VS 229fpm, ALT 32100ft, PITCH -2.44deg, HDG 308deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 62/53kt
[04:55:21utc] Aircraft level at 32170ft, IAS 305kt, GS 507kt, HDG 308deg, TAT -14deg, WIND 62/53kt
[04:56:56utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 356kt, GS 496kt, VS 797fpm, ALT 32280ft, PITCH -2.03deg, HDG 304deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 329/40kt
[04:57:54utc] Aircraft level at 32610ft, IAS 319kt, GS 453kt, HDG 304deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 329/41kt
[06:51:51utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 32640ft, IAS 286kt, GS 424kt, HDG 276deg, VS -692fpm, TAT -29deg, WIND 219/44kt
[06:52:47utc] Aircraft level at 32350ft, IAS 299kt, GS 441kt, HDG 276deg, TAT -27deg, WIND 218/43kt
[07:20:08utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 32050ft, IAS 303kt, GS 465kt, HDG 269deg, VS -435fpm, TAT -26deg, WIND 186/44kt
[07:20:53utc] Aircraft level at 31890ft, IAS 305kt, GS 467kt, HDG 268deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 186/44kt
[07:27:40utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 307kt, GS 467kt, VS 282fpm, ALT 31920ft, PITCH -2.21deg, HDG 266deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 185/53kt
[07:28:19utc] Aircraft level at 32010ft, IAS 307kt, GS 467kt, HDG 265deg, TAT -26deg, WIND 185/54kt
[08:16:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 32250ft, IAS 301kt, GS 449kt, HDG 261deg, VS -549fpm, TAT -19deg, WIND 270/25kt
[08:17:23utc] Aircraft level at 31890ft, IAS 304kt, GS 451kt, HDG 261deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 270/25kt
[08:45:56utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 298kt, GS 451kt, VS 320fpm, ALT 32000ft, PITCH -2.36deg, HDG 251deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 191/34kt
[08:46:41utc] Aircraft level at 32110ft, IAS 301kt, GS 459kt, HDG 250deg, TAT -19deg, WIND 186/35kt
[09:48:04utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 32150ft, IAS 329kt, GS 478kt, HDG 239deg, VS -440fpm, TAT -21deg, WIND 207/30kt
[09:48:58utc] Aircraft level at 31900ft, IAS 314kt, GS 457kt, HDG 239deg, TAT -24deg, WIND 207/30kt
[09:49:47utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 31870ft, IAS 313kt, GS 449kt, HDG 239deg, VS -149fpm, TAT -24deg, WIND 208/36kt
[09:50:14utc] Aircraft level at 31830ft, IAS 311kt, GS 447kt, HDG 239deg, TAT -24deg, WIND 208/36kt
[10:07:52utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 297kt, GS 441kt, VS 432fpm, ALT 31860ft, PITCH -2.41deg, HDG 242deg, TAT -28deg, WIND 305/37kt
[10:08:38utc] Aircraft level at 32090ft, IAS 302kt, GS 449kt, HDG 242deg, TAT -27deg, WIND 304/36kt
[11:24:28utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 304kt, GS 439kt, VS 133fpm, ALT 31770ft, PITCH -1.71deg, HDG 229deg, TAT -20deg, WIND 238/34kt
[11:24:53utc] Aircraft level at 31800ft, IAS 305kt, GS 441kt, HDG 229deg, TAT -20deg, WIND 238/34kt
[13:17:26utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 302kt, GS 465kt, VS 264fpm, ALT 31980ft, PITCH -1.75deg, HDG 224deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 308/46kt
[13:18:03utc] Aircraft level at 32070ft, IAS 304kt, GS 468kt, HDG 224deg, TAT -25deg, WIND 309/46kt
[13:26:49utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 32020ft, IAS 311kt, GS 474kt, HDG 222deg, VS -151fpm, TAT -21deg, WIND 296/36kt
[13:27:24utc] Aircraft level at 31980ft, IAS 307kt, GS 470kt, HDG 222deg, TAT -21deg, WIND 299/36kt
[13:50:26utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 31910ft, IAS 309kt, GS 472kt, HDG 221deg, VS -652fpm, TAT -19deg, WIND 298/38kt
[18:11:46utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 283kt
[18:14:05utc] Aircraft level at 11120ft, IAS 254kt, GS 294kt, HDG 219deg, TAT 4deg, WIND 311/17kt
[18:14:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 11070ft, IAS 279kt, GS 321kt, HDG 219deg, VS -452fpm, TAT 6deg, WIND 314/17kt
[18:15:12utc] Aircraft level at 10970ft, IAS 296kt, GS 338kt, HDG 219deg, TAT 8deg, WIND 315/17kt
[18:29:23utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 11010ft, IAS 318kt, GS 371kt, HDG 201deg, VS -295fpm, TAT 10deg, WIND 329/18kt
[18:29:41utc] Aircraft level at 10970ft, IAS 319kt, GS 373kt, HDG 202deg, TAT 10deg, WIND 331/18kt
[19:09:54utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 10970ft, IAS 295kt, GS 342kt, HDG 215deg, VS -127fpm, TAT 8deg, WIND 320/20kt
[19:10:10utc] Aircraft level at 10960ft, IAS 294kt, GS 340kt, HDG 215deg, TAT 8deg, WIND 320/20kt
[19:10:55utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 289kt, GS 336kt, VS 113fpm, ALT 10980ft, PITCH -0.71deg, HDG 218deg, TAT 8deg, WIND 327/20kt
[19:11:01utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 286kt, ALT 10990ft
[19:11:07utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 257kt, ALT 10950ft
[19:11:15utc] Aircraft level at 11000ft, IAS 232kt, GS 276kt, HDG 219deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 328/20kt
[19:12:26utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 10790ft, IAS 155kt, GS 185kt, HDG 225deg, VS -2689fpm, TAT -2deg, WIND 329/20kt
[19:12:59utc] Landing lights ON, ALT 9810ft
[19:13:06utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 171kt
[19:13:12utc] FLAPS 3, IAS 170kt
[19:13:17utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 168kt, GS 194kt, ALT 9220ft
[19:15:51utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 174kt
[19:17:53utc] Aircraft level at 3960ft, IAS 147kt, GS 150kt, HDG 232deg, TAT 5deg, WIND 274/7kt
[19:18:29utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 164kt, ALT 4000ft
[19:23:24utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3900ft, IAS 156kt, GS 157kt, HDG 265deg, VS -1208fpm, TAT 5deg, WIND 303/9kt
[19:24:56utc] Aircraft On final approach, IAS 191, VS -1619fpm, ALT 1140ft, pitch 1.02deg, HDG 260deg
[19:26:06utc] Landed at destination KLAX With a landing rate Of -114fpm, TouchDown speed 127kt, G - Force 1.67g, pitch -8.81deg, bank 0.1deg
[19:26:23utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[19:26:28utc] FLAPS 3
[19:26:28utc] FLAPS 2
[19:26:28utc] FLAPS 1
[19:26:28utc] FLAPS UP
[19:26:47utc] Aircraft taxiing To gate
[19:26:53utc] Landing lights OFF
[19:34:01utc] Aircraft at gate/stand, ground services are moving into position, disembarkation has begun
[19:34:11utc] Your flight to KLAX is now complete! Duration: 16:15:32 Distance: 4914.8nm
[19:34:11utc] Your landing rate was -114fpm and had a flight performance score of 53%

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